Assaying with a Vision and a set Core Values:

Our Mission

Supporting a healthier society through clinical diagnostic testing

Our Vision

Medical Assay Laboratory strives to be the best clinical laboratory in its class and complexity. Being the best means that we produce superior assays and test results at affordable costs to patients and health care providers.


We recognize your trust in us to handle your sample and specimen with the utmost care and to produce the best possible results at all times.  To earn that trust and fulfill our mission, we are guided by the following set of core values called ACCRA (Accuracy, Care, Confidentiality, Responsiveness, and Affordability).

            Accuracy—We will not deliver a test result until is has been assayed and checked by our Laboratory Manager for consistency with our high-quality assurance standards and reviewed by our Board certified Pathologist.  We use three known concentrations (low, normal and high) for each analyte to be assayed thereby resulting in high precision of our (Levey-Jennings) calibration curves.

            Care--Our commitment to you is that of total satisfaction in a caring and supportive relationship.   In today’s busy schedule of the health care provider, we pledge to partner with you to deliver the best health care services to your patients at an affordable cost.  Weather your samples were expressed to us, picked up by our own couriers or collected during visit to our facility, we pledge the same level of care, courtesy and satisfaction.    

            Confidentiality—We guarantee complete confidentiality consistent with the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which sets a national standard for privacy of health information.  As an independent, privately-held Laboratory Corporation we have no subsidiaries or corporate partners to share any information with.

            Responsiveness---The difference between us and many large laboratories is that we are available to answer any questions you may have regarding sample handling, test results, or interpretation the instant you contact us.  We will work with you to identify potential problems before they arise and ensure that you get your assay results without any interruption.

            Affordability— We pledge to help reduce the rising costs of health care by charging fees that are demonstrably lower than most of our peers. We are able to reduce costs while maintaining quality because our high-precision instruments are easy to maintain and our processes are highly automated. Individuals without health insurance, those with high-deductible insurance plans, or those interested in monitoring life style changes by paying out of pocket will find our costs particularly appealing.


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