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Westmont, Illinois Main Campus

Medical Assay Phlebotomy School (MAPS) now offering classes.

Saturday 10 am to 3 pm.

Earn certification in ten weeks! Call for additional information at 630-515-0418
or visit

Darien branch: Saturday Classes begin February 2, 2013

Chicago branch: Saturday Classes To Be Announced

Earn certification in ten weeks! Call 630-515-0418 for additional information or visit

MAP Phlebotomy School


Medical Assay Phlebotomy School (MAPS) is dedicated to providing students with quality education and hands-on experience in Health Care Career Industry. The school is affiliated with Medical Assay Laboratory Inc, a laboratory accredited by the Council on Laboratory Accreditation (COLA). MAPS offers a phlebotomy program leading to certification by the National Phlebotomy Association or the National Health Career Association.



Program Objectives:






1. To provide students with the training and scientific background needed for effective phlebotomy actions and services.

2. To provide students with the skills to function in a high-stress environment of hospitals, clinics, and reference laboratories.

3. Our program is designed to produce students who could function effectively as travelling phlebotomists, providing services for the homebound patients and the fast-growing home health care industry.

4. The program stresses the importance of continuing
education in the field of phlebotomy and the related field of diagnostic testing in order to remain current with the requirements for each laboratory test.


Program Uniqueness:


Over the years we have recognized that the major flaws of most phlebotomy programs are the lack of adequate training on laboratory testing requirements and minimal hands on experience collecting specimens from patients. Medical Assay Phlebotomy program is unique because we emphasize hands on experience in class and at Medical Assay Laboratory, Inc.


Admission Requirements:





Applicants for admission to MAPS must have either a high school diploma or a G.E.D (General Equivalency Diploma). Students who attended school outside of the U.S. must demonstrate that they possess high-school equivalency certificate.

Tuition and Fees:

Tuition, book, supplies for 10 weeks course is $980.


Space in the program is limited and a $490 tuition deposit is required before the beginning of class to secure a position.



Medical Assay Phlebotomy School currently offers the following session:

10 weeks, Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 
Classes begin every 10 weeks.

We invite you to become part of a fast-growing phlebotomy career that offers:


1. Phlebotomy Certification.
2. Job opportunities with fast growing health care industry
3. Good salary
4. Flexible hours for the travelling phlebotomist
5. Guaranteed employment unaffected by recession


For additional information about the curriculum and one of your practicum sites, please visit our website ( or contact Dr. Irene Chalokwu at


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