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Tests and Test Profile

Assaying is the practice of repeated analysis of samples in order to obtain optimum results. At Medical Assay Laboratory quality is in our name and service is the reason for our being. Our tests are conducted with utmost care and high-quality assurance standards in a state-of-the-art laboratory facility. In addition to fulfilling federal and state government standards for clinical laboratories, we have chosen to exceed these standards by pursuing specialized accreditation with the Commission on Laboratory Accreditation (COLA) to further enhance quality. Our testing equipments are high-resolution and top of the line with unparalleled speed and accuracy (see equipment description). We use only reagents that are of the highest purity. If a test result appears abnormal, we assay it again for accuracy and check it against a standard before reporting the result to you. We provide individual blood tests, test panels and comprehensive health packages at costs that are clearly low.

Medical Assay Laboratory does not discriminate in its fee structure between tests ordered for diagnostic purposes and those ordered for longevity and life-style changes as many laboratories do. We offer you the same low cost based on the principle that our analyses, regardless of intended purpose or use, are of the same high-quality and produced on the same set of high precision instruments. Please contact us for additional information about costs for other tests and the discounts we offer for large volumes and contract services.